About me

I am passionate to inspire and empower people to imagineer a better world; to identify and bring about a preferred society/economy where people are operating from the foundational principles of excellence, integrity, honesty, loyalty, where there is both love, justice, abundance of resources (partly as we understand that it is through simplicity that we become content).  My philosophy is based on vision, stewardship and character and intimacy / vulnerability.


Prosperity (or success) to me is love, peace, joy, hope for the future, loyal friends, close family, vibrant health and being financial free to do what makes your heart sing (whether it is paid or voluntary).


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Catherine Elliss is an Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Songwriter and Teacher.


She has a strong background in business and education in Australia, Indonesia and East Timor, including in the areas of business, economic and community development.


She is the Founder and CEO of the Imagineering 2 a Better World project.


Her latest book is Prosper as Your Soul Prospers:  A Holistic Approach to Basic Money Management from a Soul & Spirit Perspective.   Click to increase your financial intelligence.  Historical fiction picture books for children will be available soon.


Catherine is a singer and songwriter for songs that inspire and empower others to imagineer a better world.  She has been a regular contributor and columnist for various magazines, including on financial intelligence.


Her skills, qualifications and experience has also included many years of running a small business, mentoring and teaching small business, and sitting on economic and/or business development management boards at local, regional, national and international (bilateral) levels.  She has also run a multi-million dollar Economic Development unit within a Local Government Authority in Western Australia.


She holds numerous qualifications in teaching from various systems including but not limited to Graduate Diploma in Teaching – Secondary, Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults; and Certificate IV in Training and Education, plus Catherine has a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies (including a minor in economics). She has received training and attended countless seminars, and short courses, over many years, including in the area of wealth creation, economic and business development. In recent years, she concentrated on researching and undertaking courses on finances from God’s perspective. She began her full-time working career in banking.


Her Christian credentials include various courses in both more traditional and more apostolic / prophetic streams. Her ministry interests are outreach, intercessory prayer, empowering women and living the kingdom of God (heaven) life particularly in business, education and other areas of influence.  She understands that her own assignment is discipling nations.  Cathy coaches, speaks or trains to both secular  Christian audiences.


Miss Elliss is passionate about helping people to feel God’s love and be activated into their assignment.  She is an advocate that together we can move toward positive visions for the future.  She is a strategist who sees the big picture and works with others to help reveal patterns and inspire creative solutions either individually or corporately.


She loves the outdoors, travel, reading and music.