Addictions – How Do We Know If We Are Addicted?

Is there something in the world that you just love???  For me for nearly twenty years, it was the reward of a cigarette.  If I had done a hard physical workout, I would have a cigarette.  If I had just completed an exam I would reward myself by smoking.

For some the object of an addiction can be a different substance such as alcohol – that beer or wine after a hard’s days work or beginning at lunch on the weekend just because you can!  For others the object of addiction is less obvious such as being addicted to a person, work, exercise (oops – yes, I have been guilty of each of these!)  One thing I truly appreciate about life is that we do struggle for without struggles we become arrogant and independent and isolated…  With struggles we can choose what to do with them – cope with them by becoming addicted or draw closer to God and have him comfort us.

Life is about love.  God is love.  However love needs to be in relationship – between you and other people or you and God.  Even if you don’t agree that life is about love, I challenge you in your quieter, contemplative times that you are either thinking that you want love or defensively saying that you can live without it!  In the Western world where it can be considered uncool to believe in God and even childlike to believe in Jesus, I wonder why is the prevalence of substance abuse to numb our emotions so high!

Last weekend I went to a two day conference not only for those suffering from addictions, especially sexual addictions, but for those who would minister to them.  The conference was run by the Christian group Living Waters and we were blessed to have a team come out from Canada and teach and minister to us here in Bali, Indonesia.

So how do we know if we are addicted?

Is there something in your life that makes you feel GOOOOOOD!  You really enjoy it – maybe it is chocolate cake or coffee or the next line of cocaine!

Telltale signs you have an unhealthy attachment….

a)      Need more of it each time to get the same good feeling

b)      When you don’t have it, you are not so nice to be around

c)       You trick yourself saying that you can live without it or even deny that you use if at all

d)      Give excuses for it – perhaps saying “Oh well, I just overindulged over Christmas and New Year. “

e)      Hiding that you are doing it such as the single mum hiding the bottle of gin in the laundry basket

f)       Procrastinate – you even acknowledge that it is an issue but say “I am enjoying the moment.  One day I will look at stopping.”

Be gentle with others, even if right now you seem to have no addiction in your life, be thankful.  All of us are addicted to something.

It is how we choose to deal with it that makes us who we are.


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