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Are You a Winner?

Yesterday I checked the Lotto ticket I was given for my birthday, the lady ran it through the lottery machine and said “You are not a winner.” I replied with a big smile, “I am always a winner.”

This got me thinking, who did win the recent Brian Tracey blog competition? I checked, it wasn’t me, however never one to let a blog article go to waste, here is my entry….

How to Win What Could Be the Blogging Opportunity of Your Life.

1 Name drop???? Hmmmm – don’t think so.
2 Write something amazing, divinely inspired? But what if God didn’t show up today?
Then I am left with me.

As with many other bloggers, my early journey was fulfilling on a creative level, at least to me. I wrote about topics that I love – all personal development. I shared wisdom from some of the biggest names in the business. Being a fan of gurus like Brian Tracey, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Antony Robbin, Rick Warren, and John Gray, quotes were included.

As I was on my own journey of becoming the best me I could possibly be, I spent much of the last few of years undertaking courses, attending seminars and being coached. What I found as I went on was that I remembered many different ways I had learned or taught various techniques such as the life wheel or goal setting. I gained confidence that what I was paying others thousands of dollars for, I had already been teaching these strategies, at times in a variety of different ways for decades. No, I am not that old – I just started young! In fact my first paid job outside my family, was when I was 12 years old, my first management job was when I was 18 years old, my first business was 13 years old.

So why was I not already as successful as I would like for this point in time?
Mindset was becoming bigger and bigger. I will always remember Jim Rohn reminding us of the cartoon many of us grew up with, where there was a little devil and a little angel on each shoulder whispering to us. Others call this the Encourager and the Inner Critic. Plus most of us have people in our lives who are dream stealers. For example, when I finally published my first book, ‘Find True Love’, one of the people closest to me said “No-one will ever read that.” Fortunately by this stage, I knew enough to know that this would only be true if I did not give others the opportunity to read it!

This particular book is given away for free in ebook version as I believe in the message. To find true love, we need to first love ourselves, personally I also believe that getting right with God is a major key, we also need to acknowledge where we are at, work out what we want, then create a plan to get there and go for it!

As a blogger, whether as a hobby or business, we need to be passionate. Sometimes it feels the world is quiet. At other times, encouragement comes in from iphones, blackberries, and email almost daily. So we need to have the bigger purpose to keep going and maintain the vision.

So what else am I passionate about?

I am also working a series of Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress. Blog posts have been published from survivors sharing not only their experiences but also their wisdom on how they were able to overcome PTSD. James Greenshields is a coach who specialises in helping former soldiers, following his trauma of being blown up in Iraq. Frances Byrne and her family survived the Boxing Day tsunami while on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. Then there is my own story of surviving living in Dili, East Timor, in the early days of it’s independence. One needs only to read any newspaper, turn on the television or the internet to see that daily there are thousands more who are undergoing trauma. So the need for this service is unfortunately skyrocketing.

My favourite type of story to read are autobiographies about normal people, their experiences and how they overcame obstacles to succeed in life. God blessed us with the opportunity to be overcomers. I choose to thrive, not just survive. These days I am over being adequate, average and being comfortable. I choose to step out and help others, to step up and be counted.

Will you?
Wishing you love, peace and joy.

Cathy J