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Imagineering 2 a Better World

Well it has been a long time since I have posted from this site!  I have been very busy with new projects. 

One is called ‘Imagineering 2 a Better World’.  Rather than me explaining it, I am inserting an interview so you can see the concept and how easy it is to join in – in less than 3 minutes!


So basically

Imagine:  what is your vision for a better world?

Solution:  what can you do to starting today or this week, this month, toward that goal?

Commit:  record your vision and solution (you can record your vision and solution below in a comment!)

Partner:  have an accountability partner who will encourage you to keep on track plus pursuade them to join (so we create exponential growth toward a better world)

For more information, go direct to the website at 

Here you can see the banner that was created during our first event along with about 15 of the many commitments recorded.

Plus remember to ‘like’ us on FB.

 * * *

  The second new project is almost ready…

my new book on Finances from a soul and spirit perspective


More will be revealed soon.


Wishing you success.