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Life Is Short

Sometimes I get so frustrated as it feels as if there is so little time.  We really do need to decide our priorities and live by them every day.  Sometimes it is a blessing to consider “What if…. I only had a short time left to live?”  Do you have a legacy?  Have you fulfilled your dreams?

picture of bellydancerAre you having fun?

I felt like I wasn’t then recently I was inspired by my family and friends, some belly dancing and Greek hospitality.


Reminder to self:

“One night I looked up from my study (I had returned as a mature age student and was boarding at my brother’s place) to see the time.  It was almost midnight. I heard the television still on.  I went into the lounge room to see that my young niece and nephew were still up.  “What are you two still doing up?  Why haven’t you gone to bed?” I bellowed accusingly.  I can still hear their answer, “We are waiting for you. You said you would be in to see us.”  Even now, probably fifteen to twenty years later, my eyes well up in shame at how much these two young people were patient with me while I focused on my studies.”

Recently my life has become so busy again and I can feel the same old shame rising.  I am spending time away from those I love, or not doing the things I love, as I feel I should do this for my job, or I am supposed to do this study to keep my job.  And yet interestingly although I love teaching, I have always known it is only one small part of my dream.  So what were my dreams?

About 18 years ago I created a list, which was displayed on my fridge for years.

  • To love and be loved..
  • To give and share life with wondrous children.
  • To write and speak what is in my heart.
  • To have the resources (time, energy, and physical resources) to help others.

Am I any closer?  Perhaps in some ways.

I would add these days

  • To be wise.
  • To be emotionally adept.
  • To be financially intelligent.
  • To be a gifted communicator.

So what does this look like for me.

  • To be a best-selling author (of books that truly impact people and bring them closer to their purposes in life)
  • To be an international speaker who genuinely impacts others.
  • To share my gifts and talents (and financial blessings) to help and encourage others.
  • To love God with all my heart, soul and mind and love others as myself.

I now know how distracted I can get.  I spend my time teaching, blogging and coaching others how to stay focused, prioritize their lives and live a balanced life.  Mindset, has been and always will be an essential key.  As the wise Solomon wrote, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  So if you do not have the life you want, what are you thinking?


What is your story?  Please join in a conversation and inspire others by commenting below.