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NEWSFLASH: Cost of Dating Ebook, Revised Edition Now Available

The Cost of Dating includes physical, mental, emotional, financial and even spiritual costs. These costs CAN be converted to investments, just by changing your mind.  No longer do you need to carry this baggage with you, especially not into your next relationship. Even if you are married, there is hope, you CAN Save Your Marriage.  Keep reading below for WIIFY – What’s In It For YOU!

The original edition of ‘Cost of Dating: The Real Cost and How To Turn those Costs into Investments’ was released in January 2011.  Although the response was quite good, I wanted more.  So over the last couple of months, in demonstration of my commitment to provide my best value to you guys, I have been seeking feedback from clients on this, my second book on Dating Mindset.  This has culminated in the release of the revised 2nd edition of my second book, TO FIND OUT MORE CLICK THE LINK BELOW

***‘Cost of Dating: The Real Cost and How To Turn Those Costs into Investments‘.****

Copy of book cover Cost of Dating

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So in response to your overwhelming support and valued feedback, new additions have been included.  Testimonials for the original version have been…

“I love it.  I had never thought about the various costs of dating and relationships before physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  I want more strategies so I do not repeat the same mistakes.”

“I really enjoyed it.  I now understand more about my own role in the breakdown of my marriage.  I just want even more inspirational stories.”

“Is it in Indonesian?  Why not?  When will it be.  I have so many friends who will want to read this.”

“I really liked it but there is not much of God in this one.  I want to know that it is possible for me to find love too.”

“Is it just for Christians or can anyone read it?  I think it should be for everyone.”

“You write really well.  I felt like we were chatting over coffee.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”

These testimonials have been collected from around the globe, from clients and friends in Indonesia, Australia, America, the Philippines, plus they are from both women AND men!

So in addition to the original benefits of:

  • learn how to express your emotions, even anger and sadness, in healthy ways;
  • be inspired by stories and advice from the experience of others;
  • learn strategies how to upgrade your thinking;
  • tweak your dating expectations to set yourself up for success; and
  • steps on how to succeed in your desired relationship and
  • recommendations on where to gain further information;

Added value includes:

7 Secrets to Love


… the new theme of restoration of relationships has been woven through.  When we mature in life and love, we understand that all relationships, particularly marriages, are hard work.  Restoration of broken relationships is possible.  If you want to save your marriage, CLICK HERE TO READ THIS BOOK!

Sneak peak of original introduction via youtube.