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No 100% Compatible Soul Mate!!

What – no 100% compatible soulmate???


That’s right – not even the experts believe there is.  So where do we get this idea of the perfect mate from?

Well my guess is the media for starters.  This could be through advertising for everything from ice-creams to perfume to sports cars… and magazines about the Hollywood golden couples, or even watching television soaps…

these images send the wrong messages -

“We were so in love then we just didn’t love each other anymore, so it’s over!!!”

How sad!

For years it has bugged me where people get this idea of marriage.

Well it doesn’t bother me where it came from but I am passionate about how to dispel this so we can stop these dysfunctional relationships and the breakdown of family and society.

Choose to do something about it now -

if you have limited time and just want the overview go here

or if you want to see the whole one hour plus documentary which will help dispel some of these fantasies and give us a way forward toward harmony at home and a successful marriage leading to a prosperous life for all the family go here

Enjoy and do your part toward world peace!

In the meantime in an effort to assist singles in their pursuit of ‘The One’ I have a new business partner and together we are just about to launch a new website on this topic.  The site will cover advice on dating and relationships for singles, especially women.  The first month will be covering topics within the overall subject of ‘Love vs Infatuation’ – sneak peek – what to do when you have an unwanted crush on someone?  How to tell if it could be the real thing?