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Emotional and Financial Intelligence Are Vital Keys To Extraordinary Success

Over the past eighteen months or so, much of my focus has been on seeking the keys to success. Research has involved reading many books, listening to audios, attending conferences and most importantly putting into practice the knowledge I am learning every day.

In some ways I am feeling like a feather or a blossom, which is being carried higher and higher, by the eddying of the wind. As I am surrounded by increasingly more successful people and reconnecting with old friends with a common interest in opening your mind, the more success for me, remains a matter of the heart, and wisdom.

Your heart is the seat of your emotions. Clarity continues with quotes from such successful people as Dr Stephen Covey:

“ … Rebellion is a knot of the heart, not of the mind. The key is to make deposits – constant deposits of unconditional love.”
Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

I choose to be teachable in all areas of my life. I no longer want rebellion or its consequences. For some the opening of the heart is a physical impossibility, due to the hardships suffered from abuse or abandonment, particularly in early childhood. I know first-hand that inviting God into your heart allows for his supernatural grace to come in and change you from the inside. I remain grateful every day to Him first who has always been knocking at my door and continued to pursue me, even when I had the door jammed shut against him for the longest time.

Emotional Intelligence
When I first read the book ‘Raising Your Emotional Intelligence’, by Jeanne Segal, PhD, I am not ashamed to say that I wasn’t even on the scale. Even then I did not choose to do anything about it for another few years. Yes, I have been a slow learner in so many ways with the hardest of heads! This however, finally, has become the catalyst for my passion to share my own suffering with others, in the hopes that those interested, can choose to learn from another’s example and not from doing it tough.

As a Life Coach, in 2010, I decided to ‘walk the talk’, so have joined a program where I also am coached, by one of the best. Much of what I am learning is repetition of what I already know and have known, in some cases for over twenty years. Perhaps one of the big differences now is that I am paying for it, thus sacrificing time, energy and finances to really blast out any blockages that have been holding me back. Rather than being mentored from afar, this program involves conferences and workshops where I am also held accountable. No more excuses.

So by becoming emotionally adept, already my life, both personally and professionally has recently been on turbo-charge. Fortunately I have also been working on increasing my energy levels!

Financial Intelligence
Financial intelligence is not something that working, and to a large extent even the middle class, talks about or thinks about. One only has to turn on the television to hear all the stories of doom and gloom. I have known for some years that there are no Financial Crises in God’s economy, and yet I was still struggling financially on an ongoing basis. Blessings would come and go, however the real life changing revolution hadn’t begun. Over the last eighteen months, there has been a deliberate shift to learning about living an abundant life in all areas, including making money. My highest recommendations go to the classics such as Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Dale Carnegie’s ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’, and Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.

Recently I was also challenged to make my own Personal Mission Statement. After much thought:

“I choose to live a balanced life of abundance. By helping others get what they want, I get what I want – success, which is love, peace, joy, hope, great health, financial freedom, and living a life of purpose.”

So with all this new intelligence and wisdom (wisdom being applied knowledge) and faith, miracles are happening daily. Daily, or should I say nightly, ideas come to me constantly. Then when I implement them, it feels good and I am more able to bless others.

Have you had similar results rocketing in your world? Let your personal testimony inspire others. Comment here and let’s start a chat.