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writing… what do I love about it

To many people wirting is not nice!  To others it is therapy or sunshine on a rainy day.

For me I write for many different purposes:

on a professional level:

I love to work with a group of people for a common goal and bring together the different aspects waiting to be realised.  Often this has been via funding submissions for particular projects with a capacity building focus in the areas of heritage, culture, arts, educational, sporting and recreational.  Of course each of these has an aspect of bringing together different parts of the community and empowering minority groups such as Aboriginal people, women, or migrant groups.

Other professional writing projects I really enjoy are much smaller and could even be interviewing and writing articles about topics of interest for certain groups of people.  Over recent years this has most regularly been for business and economic development.  Soon I aim to complete at least one e-book on a series of interviews for expat business people on the island of Bali.

On a personal level I sometimes use it for therapy or to record details such as with journalling which I highly recommend.  Especially when I cannot sleep or I am too busy or both, journalling is fantastic to work out how I feel about things in my life or to de-clutter or prioritise.

Putting pen to paper or these days more often fingers to the keyboard has definite benefits!