Choose life

Life can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately when this happens, for whatever reason we tend to go within rather than reaching out for help.  Going within can be seen as a good thing if it means spending time with God in prayer, speaking to your higher consciousness or whichever strategy you choose. The process is similar within each belief system.  However for many when the black cloud or heavy burdens weigh us down we tend to withdraw into ourselves and hide, thus making the feelings even more exaggerated.

Rather than doing this, there is another choice , we can keep on keeping on when we least feel like it.  We can be brave and be flexible.  Of course this must also be in moderation.  Nobody wants to be near a martyr.  Mothers, teachers, nurses and really anyone in a caring profession can tend to overdo the caring until they are forced to stop at absolute exhaustion or burn out point.

Life needs to be in balance.  Buddhism, Taoism and even Christianity have all been referred to at different times as the way or the middle way.  However in today’s world, this insatiable striving and rushing seems to get more prolific as time goes on, especially with new technology.  We may have these pressures around us but we also need to learn the word “no”.  Yes, with the changes in technology we can do much more, but I would argue “should we?”

As with everything, in every moment – we always have a choice and even not choosing is a choice.

I suggest we choose…

  1. … to be brave.
  2. … to cope.
  3. … to thrive, and not just survive.
  4. … to commit.
  5. … to plan a strategy.
  6. … to implement.
  7. … to review – this could be via journaling.

“I set before you life and death, … therefore choose life!!!”

Deuteronomy 30:19

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