I am happy

Can you honestly say ‘I am happy’?  Don’t worry if you can’t I think that is most people.

My goal these days is to do things everyday to live a life of love, peace and joy (and other wonderful things!).  Happiness does depend largely on external circumstances.  I feel happy when something I have been working toward is achieved.  Small things like a pleasant family gathering.  Joy on the other hand is something that has eluded me for much of my life.  It is something that in the busyness and daily grind of earning a living and trying to get ahead often – mostly gets lost.  However I am pleased to see that these days it is much closer and often is here!!

In life we all have a choice to be bitter or thankful, complaining and blaming others or gracious.  As some of the wisest men of modern times remind us, we cannot be bitter and thankful.  So as a daily activity I choose to list ten things I am grateful for.

Today I am grateful for my family and how even when things are far from perfect, we do choose to stay in contact and help each other out.  I am grateful for my best friend who although he is overseas working hard he does his best to support me and stay in contact.  I am grateful for the miracle of healing prayer that shows up regularly in our lives whether the recipient is aware of it or not! I am grateful for the day job I have where I can help others and teach children.  I am grateful for my internet connection that allows me to work online and build my business every day.  I am grateful for the clarity of mind that comes after prayer and being still so I can continue working far beyond what I am physically, emotionally, or mentally capable of.  I am grateful for inspirational speakers who continue to inspire me such as Brian Houston, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar.  I am grateful to my real estate agent for choosing us to live in this lovely little place overlooking a beautiful park.  I am grateful for my health that even when my body is aching I am able to do something about it to relieve the ache such as doing exercise, or treating myself to a massage.  I am grateful for my friends who challenge me and continue to inspire me especially when I could so easily fall down.

I am grateful for this man who shares his story and is so inspirational – Nick Vujicic.

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