Make the most of each day

Recently there have been a number of hiccups not so much in my life but of those around me, including two deaths. Both people I hadn’t seen for some time, one even a few years. One lady was older about eighty and the other man wasn’t even forty years old. I wonder how anyone can not make the most of every day or wait for something.

In particular I wonder if the young man ever did meet anyone.  I wonder – Was he happy with his life?  Was he fulfilled?

In my life one guide I have used is that I ask myself this question “what would I do if my circumstances were different? ” For example, if  more finances were available or if I was in a loving, commited relationship.  Then usually after careful, but not long, consideration I choose to do whatever the answer to that question was,regardless of the hurdles to leap over.  I remember reading a women’s magazine probably twenty years ago which had a list of achievements for ‘the accomplished woman’.  The list included such things as learning a foreign language, living overseas, do a univeristy degree.  Well I have done all those things and yet every day there is always so much more to do.

Recently I received an email from someone thanking me for the inspirational words in this website.  However I am so thankful that even when someone is going through an experience others might see as a living hell, such as the aftermath of huge natural disasters in the Phillipines this season, that someone takes the time to contact me.  I am humbled.

Although it is my intention to offer hope on this website by collecting quotes, videos and more, it is inspiring for me to know that what I do in my own small way has made a difference in someone else’s life.

Life is short. Make it happen today!!!

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