Reduce stress and avoid panic attacks

Stress or anxiety can be killers, but not via panic attacks.

Does anyone remember the book by Wayne Dyer, ‘Gifts from Eykis?’ It is about this alien called Eykis who is new to earth.  Back on the home planet there are beings called panics, who really do attack in waves!!!  Whereas here it is in our mind.

We cannot die from a panic attack.  There comes a point when our innate behaviour kicks in and protects us.  We do not stop breathing as is our fear.

Although saying that, there are many illnesses that manifest from extended stress and anxiety.  According to another best selling author, Louise Hay, disease is dis-ease, ie not being at ease.  I love this as when we are not in harmony we are out of balance.  It is a natural consequence for our body to overcompensate and thus add stress.  This may be with lack of food leading to increased adrenaline which in turn may logically lead to problems with your blood sugar levels.  Smoking is a carcinogen which logically if you add poison to a living thing,  it is more likely to be poisoned by it…  if we do that in a garden with weed killer for example, isn’t that why we do it – to kill the weeds?

Don’t get me wrong I am not judging here – which luckily for me I am so aware of my own human frailties (especially having been addicted to smoking nicotine for twenty years) and so would be a hypocrit if I tried to judge!

Panic Attacks are real and can be very debilitating even leading to agoraphobia or fear of leaving home.

There are various strategies, some good and some not so good,  including meditation, prayer, drinking alcohol (a little or a lot), smoking marijuana, anything to excess such as excercise, work, sex,…  the list can go and on

Strategies that I have had some measure of success with include:

  • exercise in moderation
  • balanced diet
  • a glass or so of wine
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • pilates
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

another breakthrough program that is so simple and yet counterintuitive is Panic Away.  I love this program as it gives you a step by step process to eliminate panic attacks now and into the future.  It also includes videos in easy to watch comic style, audios and a detailed ebook.  I have used it and it does work.

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