Victory in your life!

Be a victor in your life – not just survive, but thrive!!  See below for some suggestions how to thrive in your life.

Even when people have treated you badly the best revenge is not revenge – just get successful.  Then forgive!  For most of mere mortals forgiveness for some things in life is impossible.  Of course this is true and that is why I so love God who through adding his grace into my life I am able to forgive myself and others.

For those of you who are not yet at that stage but do want to improve your life and walk into that success…  the greatest learning is not new and you would have heard it before – be thankful for what you do have – you cannot be bitter and thankful at the same time.

On a business card that was designed a year ago I had the following scripture on the reverse side:

“Let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap rewards if we do not lose heart.”

Gal 6:9

There are lessons from this scripture which hold true for all of us

Let us not grow weary – do not become overwhelmed with our responsibilities in life so that we give up.  Stay the course.  Focus on what it is that you want and even when times are tough and you face physical and emotional exhaustion, remain true to the vision if only for fifteen minutes twice a day.

While doing good – we are to bless others in life.  To expand our lives we must reach out and help others by doing good.  Even if you are battling depression or so busy living your successful life, we do need to give back to others – especially those who are unable to reciprocate, is a true gift – to the both of you.  Even just stopping to chat to a lonely neighbour, or struggling new mum, or mentoring someone new to your field of business.  Think of the movie ‘Pay It Forward’.  I love to see the looks on people’s faces especially when unexpectedly they get free parking or a free coffee.  Even better when it is something that causes you to feel as if you have sacrificed something.  For example, I had this beautfiul dress which I loved.  It was one of the few that fitted and being more on the overweight side this dress made me feel like a princess – so feminine and slim.  And yet a friend needed a dress for a ball and I felt inclined to give her the dress.  Can you imagine the internal battle I had?  Why should I give her the dress?  She earns twice as much money as me.  She is happily married with a beautiful family surrounded by love (while I felt far from home and was in a constant state of singeldom)…. The arguments went on.  I did give her the dress.  Do I regret it?  No.  Do I miss the dress – yes – of course – but it is only a dress and to make her feel beautiful on that night and knowing that she would feel just as beautiful on other nights makes me feel as if I did do good.

Look for ways to bless people – this could be by passing on clothes in your wardrobe to someone who needs them, giving money to a charity you believe in, or showing kindness to a stranger.  I always remember a scene from a film.  This man sees a homeless man and walks past him to go into a diner.  He feels like he should invite the man in but reasons with himself not to as the man would most likely feel awkward as he is dirty and not dressed to go inside.  Someone else will come along and actually follow through from the intuition, although unfortunately it may not be many days after.  The blessing that could have been yours passes to that person.

If we truly want to be happy we need to get our minds off ourselves and our own problems and do good to others.

in due season – Some of us were fortunate enough to spend time or even grow up on the land either on a farm or ranch, or even just helping our granddad tend to the vegies or the roses. We then find it easier to understand that there are seasons. A time for planting, tending, pruning and harvesting.

we shall reap rewards – If we tend to the crop there will be results. Of course there also will be storms however they too can produce results such as the blessing to reach out and help others in need.

if we do not lose heart – endure – keep going during the good times and bad. Losing heart also refers to losing hope. Don’t allow yourself to stay hopeless. Choose to find a way through. Reach out to friends, listen to inspirational people. If you feel God is calling you and you are not comfortable with going to a church then try google. There are many websites online who offer comfort and even podcasts of inspirational messages. for more info see here.

“Let us now grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap rewards if we do not lose heart.”

Gal 6:9

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