Why the rise in interest in the supernatural?

Finally, I felt today to follow up on something I have been pondering for a while now.  I felt led to do a google search on why there is an increase in interest in things supernatural.  Initially I was shocked, the first on the list were about Satan!


As an author, including for children and teens (as well as non-fiction for adults), I am in bookstores and libraries often, including in schools.  I also have an eye for detail for changing times and most love books that were written in or before the 1930’s.  That is, before major confusion set in and life became crazy with basics taken out of the curriculum like teaching life skills which must include ethics/moral standards, how to handle finances, our emotions, our wills, our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.  Also this was definitely before the governments bowed to minority political pressure to tell us that marriage is not between a man and a woman and that even our gender has become fluid as a result of political persuasion.


I have noticed certain trends:

  • Most people deny the existence of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit
  • Most Christians, say they believe in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, but don’t act like it.  Eg some seem to be coming from either a poverty/victim mentality or are so comfortable in their Western affluence, even though this facade is crumbling at the seams.  For example, the divorce rate is roughly the same as non-Christians and anecdotally there seems to be just as many children and teens brought up in Christian homes struggling with anxiety, drugs and other issues as non-Christians.
  • Most people believe in angels (only the ‘good’ ones, not the insidious ones who suck the life out of people and would lead us to death and curses)
  • Most teachers, including in Christian schools, don’t see the problem with our children and teens reading books, comics and playing games with supernatural themes
  • Most adults are like ostriches, putting their heads in the sand, not understanding, and don’t want to know about the stories and new technologies our young people are involved in.
  • Many people report to speaking with spirits and actively encouraging them to engage.
  • Many people share that the things they most admire about the Balinese people is their smiling faces, apparent peacefulness and commitment to their daily prayer rituals.  [Having lived in Bali on and off for years, I can share categorically that people are people and the Balinese also have their struggles, are not so peaceful, are dealing in particular with the same issues as we do in Australia with meth-amphetamines (called shabu-shabu) and mistreatment of and violence against women].
  • These same people who have shared their admiration for the Balinese for their smiles, apparent peacefulness and spiritual disciplines, at the same time declare their offense and even become abusive about any Christians that display these same traits.


So my question is why would someone seek the supernatural through films, books, games, even music, believe in weird stuff happening and even in spirits, but not believe in God, the creator of the universe?

One answer is that

If it is true that God is real, then each of us is accountable.  There really is a judgement day!

Another answer seems to be we don’t want to ask the question that is most pressing

“What am I afraid of?”


As the Roman centurion in the recent blockbuster movie, Risen, says


“That I am wrong and I have wagered eternity on it.”


In our modern culture, we are actively encouraged, to blame others and not accept responsibility for our choices.  So, if we remove the excuse, it’s God’s fault, (even on our insurance claims acts of God are listed, at least they used to be), then whose fault is it?


Sometimes life happens, sometimes we are in a war and we become weary, sometimes though we just make stupid decisions then want to blame others rather than accepting that our flesh or our ego was to blame – which we can choose to take control over.


Food for thought!