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As part of my ongoing commitment to success in various areas of my life… I am becoming clearer on how I am developing various aspects of my own business.  This post reveals plans on Academic Success Strategies.

So what does success mean to me…

Being ‘Rich‘ or ‘Successful’ to me involves being peaceful, joyful, to love and be loved, have close friends and great family relationships, have excellent health, be financially free, and have hope for the future.

Of course you may see that it is somewhat similar to the results of Zig Ziglar’s research.  Of course, I am a big fan of his and other people similar to him.  When we follow others we really do need to look at their lives as if we do what they do, we can reasonably expect to have what they have with one proviso.  We also need to ‘be’ who they are.  To clarify,  ‘As a Man thinks in his heart, so is he.’ we are the products of our thoughts.  I am happy to confess that my thoughts are getting better and better (more controlled) thus leader to more success in each area of my life!

So how does this apply to Academic Success?

As with any success habits, there is a formula:

mindset + right input -> right thoughts -> commitment + right strategies + discipline -> success

Each part is vital.

Just as Robert Kiyosaki believes that Financial Intelligence is 90% emotional intelligence + 10% technical information about finance or money’, I believe that we need to utilise Emotional IQ plus other skills to gain success in any area.

So what specifically do I incorporate into my coaching of Academic Success Strategies:

Mindset, Success Habits, Time Management +

Emotional and Financial Intelligences +

Relationship Skills +

the more common skills in the areas of

Exam Preparation, Study Skills, Learning Styles, Essay Writing, Presentation Skills, Note-taking Skills,

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I am working on my first seminar series which is planned to be available in the second half of 2011.

I have found nearly everyone has their own opinion on this topic, whether it be for yourself as a student (in a formal setting or as a life-long learner), educator, or for your children?

What are your thoughts?

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