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This One Secret To Success That Has Worked For Oprah and Tony Robbins Can Work For You Too!

So what is this one secret? Well some may say they are rich and successful – even pretty people. But it has not always been that way – in fact Oprah has always felt insecure about her weight and recently (as aired in Australia) spent a week sharing her ongoing struggle in this area and offering sound suggestions to move forward.

But just as with other amazingly successful such as Steve Job (from Apple and Pixar) , Walt Disney, Zig Ziglar… the one secret is that they ‘Begin with the End in Mind’ as Tony tells us.

The secret is….

They have a vision of what they want their future to be like.

Until you know what you want and start working towards it, you will continually be at everyone else’s mercy and be leaving the control of your life in the hands of others.
In more traditional MLM circles, the basic method is usually to write down your goals. These may include your dream house, your dream car, your dream job… then get pictures of these items such as collecting them from magazines or newspapers. Even window shopping in jewellery stores or the areas you want to live in or taking your dream car out for a test drive.

An even better way in today’s world of increased technology is online. But how to do this? Well check out my own vision board then I’ll let you in on the secret how you can do yours….

If you like this as a motivational strategy then I highly recommend creating your own mind movie. It really wasn’t that hard nor did it take very long. The longest part was choosing the pictures and prioritizing what are your highest priorities in your life.

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