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Interview With Dominique Bourlet As Part Of The 20 Questions Series: People Making A Difference


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Dominique is a healer, author, public speaker and one fascinating individual who has spent the last few years honing his craft of healing including spiritual healing. This interview was held in October 2009 as part of the 20 Questions series in the upcoming book ‘People Making a Difference’.

This short excerpt describes his own ASIFU technique which stands for Asian Fusion Therapeutic Massage.  It is Dominique’s dream to teach people how to heal their loved ones via this technique which is essentially a cross between acupressure and massage.  Of course, that is putting it so simplistically.  For ailments that are not responding as quickly to the healing he has a complimentary method called ‘Hello BOP’.  You will need to listen to the interview in full for this one – as it is quite unique in it’s composition.

I have also had a healing session with Dominique and was astounded by the results.  When we are to have the opportunity I will be very keen to undertake his short training course to heal others!

The full interview covers various topics including the launch last year of his book  which in French is “Prier avec les guérisseurs philippins” or in English “Pray with the Filipino Healers”.  The English translation will be available soon. It briefly touches  on Dominique’s own story of how he went from a successful business man to horse whisperer to world renowned healer.  Dominique is unique not only with his background and choice of lifestyle traveling between France, Germany, and Asia regularly, studying many Eastern methods of healing especially spiritual healing and even psychic surgery but he is also fun to talk with!

The **full interview** with transcript is now available.

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